Marcarelli Brings Real Life Boyfriend

“Can you hear me now?” That was one of the most annoying phrases repeated in the past decade or so, but what a marketing success for Verizon. He was known as the ‘can you hear me now guy’, but we now know him as Paul Marcarelli, fellow LGBTer and constantly happy guy, or so it seems.

We’re smiling right next to him in this new Sprint commercial released two days ago. No it’s not the vibrant yellow around his neck that illuminates the screen, but his connection with the costar of the commercial, his real-life husband, Ryan Brown.

Is Sprint coming out in support of LGBT Christmas Tree purchasing right? Silly people. We don’t think this is a political statement at all, but just a nice commercial with a couple buying a dead plant for their home.

Marcarelli Brings Real Life BoyfriendWe can’t wait for the next commercial. Maybe a family plan?


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