gay twins

Do you remember the moment when a couple of two adorable gay twins known on YouTube as the Rhodes brothers released on their YouTube chanel the video of coming out to their dad? Their touching coming out story broke the Internet and became viral. A lot of people supported guys and now for the period of more than one year (since January, 2015) this video got more than 22 million views. Now their coming out video is considered pretty iconic in the vastly growing world of YouTube coming out stories.

And just a couple of days ago these most adorable gay twins shared on YouYube chanel their new video that reveals how they first knew they were gay and how they came out to each other.

Starting with playing with barbies in their childhood over GI Joes while growing up. They are going also to share their secret relationships with guys at high-school. Would you like to take a trip down momory lane of the Rhodes twins? Then watch their confession below:


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