This is the happiest advert on earth

A German theme park is using a Christmas advert to show its support for gay couples.

Belantis, an amusement park in Leipzig in Eastern Germany, released its new clip on Thursday (8 December).

Focusing on families, it shows a whole host of different set-up, from an expecting mom, a grandfather and his new grandchild, and siblings.

And among all the happiness, a gay couple are strolling along, cuddling and kissing.

Over all of it, a little girl asks ‘who actually decides what a family is?’

The clip has been praised on social media, with users saying Belantis are making a clear statement against homophobia, for the inclusion of rainbow families and a modern image of the family.

Even the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women, and youth chimed in.

’Family is where people take responsibility for each other,’ they commented underneath the video.

‘No matter if they’re married, unmarried, single parents, a patchwork or a rainbow family.’

But the video is more than just a cute little clip.

Over the summer, a number of cases of discrimination against rainbow families were made public.

According to German website, a pool in Marienberg, a small town in Saxony, repeatedly asked same-sex couples with children to provide proof of living together as a family in order to sell them discounted family tickets.

Other couples claim they were fully refused the family ticket.

The responsible body called these incidents ‘single occurrences’, and said there was no discrimination on the basis of sexual orentiation and gender identity – but they never apologized.

Watch the full advert below:


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