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Hello, hello again beautiful people! Okay, so this has been a full week, packed with a lot of hot studs that will set your mind ablaze. This has been the Instagram week, because that is where all the hotties are coming from. For those who have missed this week’s crave fest, we have a special treat for you. We are going to bring the news back into the light and we have to say it, it is quite a rainbow to be admired. So buckle your seatbelts and have a look at what you’ve missed this week.

  1. The last Sunday’s Instaorgy

1.pngRight from the get-go, we reach into the frontline of Instagram, with a ton load of hot guys, taking selfies with their iPhones. Not surprisingly, you can check all of the photos by following the @guys_with_iphones account. Until then, feel free to delight yourself with some juicy and unbearably sexy samples here:

  1. Steve Grand’s huge caulk

steveOkay, so you know Instagram, right? You also know Steve Grand, I assume. But have you met his giant caulk. According to his description, it is quite a struggle to deal with it, so try not to miss this one:

  1. Hot male celebrities unleashed

gus-kenworthyYou know what unleashed means. It means bare naked. And obligatory hot. This week we have presented you with the world’s most sexy male stars, who have decided to throw away the clothing for a greater good: melt away our hearts. If you have not seen this one yet, feel free to check the incendiary pictures here:

4. Straight guys go gay for once

french kissAnd by going gay we don’t mean like holding hands of giving hugs, but French kissing gay dudes. That’s right. If you ever wondered what would straight guys think about French kissing another dude, then this is your chance, because a few open minded fellas have decided to do just that. So take some time and watch them smooching gay guys like they have done it their entire life. Then hold your seats, because they will also share their impressions. Watch here:

5. The gay chicken game

gameWhile the name may sound somewhat self explanatory, it most certainly is not, because this is not a game intended for gay men, but for straight ones. I know you are curious to find out how it is played, so go ahead and check out the details:


      1. Meet Sergio Carvajal

sergio-carvajal-alejandro-brito-portraits-009Instagram strikes again. This time we get to meet Sergio Carvajal, the Spaniard who lit Instagram on fire. He is a newly discovered male model from Barcelona and his exquisite appearance speaks for itself. A gorgeous young man with obvious potential and an incredibly hot and sexy body. You cannot miss this one under no circumstance.

      1. What’s it like inside a relationship where the sex desire died off?

break upThis is a particularly sensible question that we have decided to answer by using a particular case that of Jordan Lohan. He gives us an insight in a relationship where the lust has basically worn off and the details are rather interesting to read. Check them out on your own!

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