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WATCH: Gay couple recalls “serving in secret” in new doc about discrimination in the U.S. military

Serving In Secret: Love, Country, And Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is the latest documentary in MSNBC’s “Turning Point” series, which traces the history of LGBTQ+ military service and the discrimination that’s plagued it since the beginning.The film assembles leading voices in politics, historians, civil rights activists, and retired military personnel to tell its story, including quite a few recognizable names and faces like Rachel Maddow, Nancy Pelosi, and Pete Buttigieg, who previously joined the U.S. Navy Reserve and even took a leave from his South Bend, Indiana mayoral term to deploy to Afghanistan in 2014.But at the heart of Serving In Secret is the story of gay couple Tom Carpenter and Courtland “Court’ Hirschi, who bravely share their personal experiences with the military over the years.Following his family’s military lineage, Tom joined the Naval Academy and, after graduating in 1970, planned to serve as an attack pilot for the U.S.

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