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Welcome to MEAWS, your go-to source for the latest and most comprehensive news on the LGBTQ+ community. Our website features an extensive list of news sources covering the most important stories, trends, and events affecting the lives of LGBTQ+ people worldwide.

Our sources cover a broad range of topics, including politics, health, entertainment, and lifestyle, and are updated daily to ensure you never miss a beat. Whether you're looking for breaking news, in-depth analysis, or simply want to stay informed about the issues that matter to you, our sources have got you covered.

Here are some of the top news sources that we feature on our site:

  • The Advocate: Known as the world's leading LGBTQ+ news source, The Advocate provides comprehensive coverage of politics, culture, and lifestyle.
  • Pink News: Pink News is a UK-based publication that offers a unique perspective on LGBTQ+ news and issues from around the world.
  • OUT Magazine: A popular LGBTQ+ lifestyle magazine that covers the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and entertainment.
  • Gay Times: A British magazine that has been reporting on LGBTQ+ news and culture since 1984. It covers everything from politics to pop culture.
  • The Guardian: A mainstream news source that has a dedicated LGBTQ+ section covering important stories from around the world.
  • HuffPost Queer Voices: A HuffPost section that offers a diverse range of perspectives on LGBTQ+ news and issues.
  • NBC Out: The LGBTQ+ section of NBC News offers breaking news and in-depth reporting on the latest LGBTQ+ stories.
  • The New York Times: The Gray Lady's LGBTQ+ section provides in-depth reporting on issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community in the United States and around the world.
  • Towleroad: A popular LGBTQ+ news and culture site that offers a unique blend of news, analysis, and opinion.
  • Them: Them is a publication that explores the intersections of LGBTQ+ identity and culture.

At MEAWS, we believe that it's essential to stay informed about the issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community. Our comprehensive list of news sources ensures that you'll always be up-to-date on the latest news and events. So, bookmark our site today and make us your go-to source for all things LGBTQ+!