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Christopher Biggins’ appearance on GMB proves biphobia is not only rife, it’s acceptable for morning television

moaned during today’s Good Morning Britain. I could hardly stop my eyes rolling when I heard him utter the words. Biggins was referring to the news that DC Comics is about to welcome a new LGBT superhero in Jonathan Kent.Jonathan, the son of original Superman Clark Kent and Lois Lane, will embark on a same-sex romance with friend Jay Nakamura.Speaking to presenters Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley, Biggins claimed the introduction is ‘pandering to the woke system’, as if bisexuality is in itself ‘woke’.How Biggins was even given such a platform in the first place astounds me. Anyone familiar with his track-record won’t be too surprised to hear he has an issue with the man of steel’s son’s sexuality.

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