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George Conway asks followers for Trump 2024 campaign slogans and they show no mercy
Kellyanne Conway‘s much better half George Conway has dialed up his Trump trolling to eleven since the FBI conducted a raid on Mar-a-Lago Monday as part of an investigation into the alleged mishandling of presidential records, including classified documents.Here are just a few of his Tweets this week:A belated Happy Mar-a-Lago Search and Seizure Day to all who celebrate!— George Conway? (@gtconway3d) August 9, 2022Please retweet if your home or office wasn't searched today by the Federal Bureau of Investigation pursuant to a warrant issued by a federal judge upon a showing of probable cause.— George Conway? (@gtconway3d) August 8, 2022EXCLUSIVE: Video taken this morning of federal agents arriving at Mar-a-Lago— George Conway? (@gtconway3d) August 9, 2022Now the attorney has enlisted his followers for help coming up with potential slogans for Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, and Twitter did not disappoint.Related: People are sharing what was #FoundAtMarALago during Trump’s FBI raid and LOLOLOLConway started things off with his own idea — “Take the Fifth 440 Times and Fight” — referencing the number of times Trump invoked his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination during a civil lawsuit deposition on Wednesday in New York.Trying to think of a new, catchy slogan for Trump 2024.
Log Cabin Republicans take desperate to wild new level and they’re getting trolled so hard
Following the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago, the favorite right-wing response has been to wail that the agency has become “weaponized” against Donald Trump. No matter that crimes may have been committed and it’s their job to investigate.The Log Cabin Republicans parroted the talking point, but gave it a gay spin that’s so cringey it feels like someone must have hacked their Twitter account just to mess with them.But nope, the gay conservative group really did have the audacity to compare themselves to Stonewall rioters as they continued to suck up to Trump.Related: Mary Trump explains the chilling reason why Donald is “panicked” by FBI raid“Just as the patrons of Stonewall were not intimidated by police, we will not be intimidated by the weaponization of the FBI and DoJ against President Trump or his home, Mar-A-Lago… …where (as we announced hours ago) we will be holding our annual gala later this year!” the group tweeted.Just as the patrons of Stonewall were not intimidated by police, we will not be intimidated by the weaponization of the FBI and DoJ against President Trump or his home, Mar-A-Lago……where (as we announced hours ago) we will be holding our annual gala later this year! ?— Log Cabin Republicans (@LogCabinGOP) August 9, 2022As one commenter pointed out, “The patrons at Stonewall were largely Black and Latinx.
Kellyanne Conway’s husband is trolling her so hard right now on Twitter following Trump’s FBI raid
Kellyanne Conway over a tweet she wrote in 2016 following an appearance on Fox News and even her future ex-husband George is getting in on the action.“Most honest people I know are not under FBI investigation,” the former White House propagandist tweeted on October 28, 2016, “let alone two.”She was referring to the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail system during her time as Secretary of State, which ultimately found “no persuasive evidence of systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information.”What say you now @KellyannePolls ?— Lauren Windsor (@lawindsor) August 9, 2022The tweet obviously hasn’t aged well after Donald Trump, the one-term, twice-impeached ex-president and Kellyanne’s former boss, had his home in Palm Beach, Florida raided by the FBI yesterday morning as part of an investigation into the alleged mishandling of presidential records, including classified documents.Related: Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert and others react to FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-LagoThis is in addition, of course, to the Justice Department’s probe into the effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election and the January 6 insurrection, of which Trump may or may not be at the center.
Gay-hating Gov. Kristi Noem just got a double dose of bad news
Another setback for Kristi Noem.Last week, South Dakota’s Government Accountability Board voted to continue moving forward with its investigation into two separate ethics complaints against gay-hating Republican leader.Noem, who believes 10-year-old rape victims should be forced to have their rapist’s babies, tried to get the complaints tossed out, but the board chose instead to extend the time it has to investigate the allegations.Related: Kristi Noem in crisis mode over affair rumors, says she loves her husband, fears God, blah, blah, blahThe 50-year-old governor is accused of engaging in nepotism and abusing her power when she tried to have her daughter certified as a state real estate appraiser through the Department of Labor and Regulation in 2020 after her application was denied because she hadn’t completed the required training. She is also accused of using taxpayer money to fly state-owned airplanes to political events.All three of the board’s retired judges voted unanimously to deny Noem’s motions to dismiss the complaints then granted a 60-day extension to the investigation so they could consider the merits of the complaints.The decision comes two months after the Government Audit and Operations Committee, a GOP-controlled, 10-member panel of state lawmakers, unanimously determined Noem acted inappropriately.
Ted Cruz tries to mock queer people by announcing his new pronouns, looks like a complete idiot instead
Texas embarrassment Ted Cruz has once again supplied detractors with top tier dunking fodder.Cruz unveiled a new identity at a Turning Point event on Friday, saying, “I’m Ted Cruz, and my pronoun is ‘kiss my a**’.”I’m Ted Cruz, and my pronoun is… “kiss my ass”!#SAS2022 @TPUSA— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) July 23, 2022And you know what? Sure, let’s go with that!After all, the last thing we would want to do is disrespect kiss a** pronouns. Kiss my a** may be an ignorant, spineless, hypocritical mess, but if Cruz wants to go by kiss my a**, who are we to hold the senator back from such a passion?Related: Ted Cruz says Supreme Court “clearly wrong” on same-sex marriage rulingFolks over on Twitter weren’t quite as gracious to these new pronouns, but also acknowledged that Cruz’s a** identity is nothing new.i guess enough people have said “kiss my ass ted cruz” at this point that he figured it would be easier this way— Kenny Logins (@KennethLogins) July 23, 2022So, Ted Cruz, in speaking to students, pretended to some fake machismo, attacking his imaginary enemies by taunting them to “kiss my ass,” even though Cruz is a spineless coward who grovels at Trump’s feet & obediently kisses Trump’s ass.— Charles Campisi (@1813Doncarlo) July 23, 2022Every media outlet that interviews Ted Cruz, from now on, MUST show “Ted Cruz (Kiss My Ass), R- Tex.” on the chyron.His rules.— Keith Fitzgerald (@keithmfitz) July 23, 2022“Well, I’m Ted Cruz, and my pronoun is kiss my ass.”No, Ted, you syphilitic chode, if anything your pronoun is “ass kisser”.As in, “Donald Trump called my wife ugly and I’m still kissing his ass every chance I get.
Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current president of the United States. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. Trump was born and raised in Queens, a borough of New York City, and received a bachelor's degree in economics from the Wharton School. He took charge of his family's real-estate business in 1971, renamed it The Trump Organization, and expanded its operations from Queens and Brooklyn into Manhattan. The company built or renovated skyscrapers, hotels, casinos, and golf courses. Trump later started various side ventures, mostly by licensing his name. He bought the Miss Universe brand of beauty pageants in 1996, and sold it in 2015. He produced and hosted The Apprentice, a reality television series, from 2003 to 2015. As of 2020, Forbes estimated his net worth to be $2.1 billion.[