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Latest news from Britain

One of the Trump campaign’s key witnesses at a hearing about alleged voter fraud before the Michigan legislature just got off probation for an unspecified “computer crime,” the Daily Mail and the UK Independent reports.
UK based cosmetics company, Lush, has publicly apologised for funding an anti-trans group, Woman’s Place, via the sale of their Charity Pot body lotions. In a financial statement published by Woman’s Place last weekend, the organisation reported receiving £3,000 from Lush to fund ‘events organisation’, sparking backlash from LGBTQ+ activists.

Latest news from Washington

A Christian school in Virginia infamous for banning LGBTQ teachers and students after second lady Karen Pence took a teaching job there obtained nearly $725,000 in PPP funds despite its anti-LGBTQ policies, the Washington Blade has learned.
The National Exit Polls found the 2020 US elections saw more LGBTQ+ voters than ever before, with 7-8% of voters saying they identified as LGBTQ+ compared to 3-5% in previous years. The Washington Post theorised this may be due to the higher proportion of LGBTQ+ people in the younger generation, and that for many queer people, this may have been the first election in which they were of voting age. The results of the National Exit Polls also found that while the majority of LGBTQ+ voters supported now president, Joe Biden, more voted for Trump than in 2016.

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