Cities and Countries: news and gossips

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Cities and Countries: news and gossips

Latest news from Usa

Pew Research report, released Tuesday. Twenty-six percent said they’re acquainted with a person who prefers gender-neutral pronouns, such as “they,” up from 18 percent when the question was last asked in 2018.But the dial hasn’t moved on acceptance.
Taking to her Instagram stories, the Physical singer shared her disappointment with the rapper, stating: “I’m surprised and horrified at DaBaby comments. I realy don’t recognize this as the person I worked with.”

Latest news from Tokyo

Let the games begin! Despite a state of COVID-19 emergency in Tokyo and with only a 21% vaccination rate in Japan, the Olympic games began on July 23 with Japan's tennis phenom Naomi Osaka lighting the Olympic flame. Osaka will be competing at the games; her first competition since she withdrew from Wimbledon in June citing mental health challenges. Last week Osaka became the first Black female athlete to be the cover model for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue.
A post shared by Douglas Souza (@douglasouza)The 2021 (er…2020?) Olympics are underway in Tokyo, and there are more out LGBTQ athletes vying for gold than in every previous Summer Olympics combined. That amounts to over 160 members of “Team LGBTQ” from around the world.

Latest news from Britain

AJ Pritchard, his brother Curtis Pritchard and Alesha Dixon are just some of the famous faces celebrating the most inspirational people of Scotland at this year's Pride of Scotland Awards.The former Strictly Come Dancing and Love Island stars and Britain's Got Talent judge all surprised Lily Douglas, the recipient of the Teenager of Courage Award. Lily, 13, from Perth has been battling a rare form of bone cancer named Ewing's sarcoma since she was nine years old, and has left the people of Scotland inspired with her incredible courage, positivity and determination to help others.
When Barrie Drewitt and his partner Tony were named as parents on their twins' birth certificates, they made history as the first same-sex couple to appear on the official documents.

Latest news from Hungary

hold a national referendum to demonstrate public support for the law. The poll will ask Hungarians whether children should be introduced to topics of sexual orientation in schools, and whether gender reassignment should be promoted or depicted to children.Yet Majercsik, the Pride spokesperson, said the questions are “openly transphobic and homophobic," and part of a “propaganda campaign” by the government to incite resentment against the LGBT community.“I've heard from a lot of LGBT people that are planning to leave the country, and won't even wait for next year's elections,” Majercsik said.
While attending Saturday’s (24 July) Budapest Pride March, Irish MEP Maria Walsh opened up about the archaic anti-LGBTQ+ law stating: “Enough has to be enough”.

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