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Pet of the week • 12-01-23

Meet Barnabas, a 61-pound bundle of happiness and energy who is always ready for a good time. This 4-year-8-month-old terrier/American pit bulldog mix has a keen interest in treats, which makes him a quick learner when it comes to training. He might be a little shy at first, but after getting to know you, Barnabas is a dog who seeks attention and affection. He is a social butterfly, especially when it comes to other dogs, and he thrives in a playgroup setting. His social nature and love for playtime make him an excellent addition to a household with other dogs. He’s eager to please and responsive to commands, making him an ideal candidate for further training and bonding activities with his forever family. Like all pets from the SPCA of Texas, Barnabas has been neutered and microchipped and is up to date on all his necessary vaccinations. He is housed at the Russell E. Dealey Animal Rescue Center, so you’ll need an appointment to meet him. To do that, just find his profile at and click on that make an appointment button. Barnabas’ team will take it from there.

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