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Easter Message for the LGBTQ+ community during lockdown from Rev. Michael Hydes

Each week there is an online mid-week meeting of the Brighton and Hove Faith in Action team, along with the city council, local police, and others. Faith groups and local support networks get to check in and share their progress through this epidemic. It’s wonderful to hear about the amazing work that’s being done all over East Sussex, and how various groups are supporting the community.

Gscene asked Rev. Michael for an Easter Message for the LGBTQ+ community during lockdown, here it is: 


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Michael Hydes

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Rob Mahurin, 57, passed away on March 13, leaving this world a kinder and more beautiful place by his presence. Rob died at his home of a possible heart attack.
Thanks to his infectious pop anthems about the queer teen experience and laidback approach to social media, Isaac Dunbar has garnered quite the online following. ‘Stan Twitter’ often hail the 17-year-old as a “king!” and ask if he’ll adopt them as his child, or if they can send him their cat in the post. Very normal behaviour, yes, but he’s taking it all in his stride.

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