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‘Couple To Throuple’s’ Jonathan talks his surprising decision, turn-ons & bisexual stereotypes

love mess, then chances are you’ve been gobbling up Peacock’s latest reality dating show hit Couple To Throuple, where—you guessed it!—a group of open-minded couples try to find their perfect third.We love it, too, especially because the series its queer to its very core with its entire cast of sexy singles and partners open to finding romance with anyone—not because of their gender, but because of who they are deep down and how they mesh with the group relationship dynamic.In just six episodes so far, there’s already been enough drama to fill multiple seasons of any other reality show, with break-ups and make-ups, fights and tearful confessions, and plenty of fun under the sheets.Subscribe to our daily newsletter for your front-row seat to all things entertainment with a sprinkle of everything else queer.Since the beginning, we’ve been incredibly fascinated by Ashmal and Rehman, a couple who’s built a strong foundation over their past few years together, and now find themselves eager to experiment with a potential third.Pretty immediately, they were drawn to single Jonathan—and its not hard to see why. He’s a total cutie, with a big heart and some arms you just want to be cradled by.