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75% of Gay People Find Open Marriages “Acceptable”

Pew Research Center survey about Americans’ views on open marriages shows that 75% of gay, lesbian, and bisexual Americans find open marriages “acceptable.”The finding starkly contrasts with straights — who oppose the concept by a 54% to 29% margin — and Americans overall, with only 33% of American adults finding the concept acceptable to some degree and 50% saying such relationships are unacceptable.As expected, age appears to influence respondents’ attitudes towards open sexual relationships, with each successive generation supporting open marriages more than their predecessors. For instance, only 15% of people over age 70, and 26% of people aged 50-69, believe such marital arrangements are acceptable, according to the Pew poll.Those aged 30-49 — covering a small sliver of Generation X and most millennials — are evenly split on the acceptability of open relationships, with 41% saying they are acceptable and 41% saying they are unacceptable.Meanwhile, 51% of Americans aged 18-29 say open marriages are acceptable, with only 31% saying such arrangements are unacceptable.Marital status — present or past — is also more indicative of a person’s attitude towards open marriages.

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