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The Texas State Guard (TXSG) is the state military force of Texas, and one of three branches of the Texas Military Forces. Along with the other two branches, the TXSG falls under the command of the Governor of Texas and is administered by the Adjutant General of Texas an appointee of the Governor. The other two branches of the Texas Military Forces are the Texas Army National Guard and the Texas Air National Guard. The mission of the Texas State Guard (TXSG) is to provide mission-ready military forces to assist state and local authorities in times of state emergencies, to conduct homeland security and mission support activities under the umbrella of Defense Support to Civil Authorities, and to augment the Texas Army National Guard and Texas Air National Guard as required.

30 States Could Lose NCAA Championship Sites if They Ban Transgender Athletes

The NCAA men's Final Four is scheduled for Houston in 2023 and San Antonio in 2025. It's not only a big moneymaker for the NCAA, it's a boost to revenues for both the greater metropolitan areas of those cities and the state of Texas.

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