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Dermot O'Leary congratulated for coming out as gay after he's confused with Phillip Schofield

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This Morning viewers were in for a hilarious mix-up when Dermot O'Leary was mistakenly praised for "bravely" coming out as gay.

Comedian Barry Humphries, better known for his alter ego Dame Edna Everage, was appearing on the show back in 2021, when he confused Dermot with presenter Phillip Schofield, who came out on the show himself a year earlier.The then-87 year old comedian's well-intentioned but misplaced congratulations left Dermot visibly baffled as he attempted to set the record straight.

Despite Dermot's polite correction, Barry continued to commend him for his openness, leading to an even funnier situation. Co-host Alison Hammond couldn't hold back her laughter, and soon enough, Dermot joined in, unable to keep a straight face.

Barry, who seemed to be playing the 'confusion' for laughs, went on to say during the show: "Incidentally, Dermot, I want to congratulate you by the way – seriously, on your courage." He continued, referencing Dermot's supposed revelation about his sexuality, only to be interrupted by Alison's infectious chuckling and Dermot's own laughter as he tried to clarify the mix-up.

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