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This ‘Golden Girls’ parody game is the action-packed RPG we never knew we needed

The Golden Girls and thought “Hmm, I wish I could play as these characters and fight evil”, you’re in luck!Upcoming JRPG The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX is set to release this winter, and it’s bound to push the concept of parody law to its limits. The bio on the game’s official Twitter account includes a quick “Please don’t sue us”, and fans’ fingers are crossed that that’ll be enough.The gameplay is based on the popular game Persona 5, but the lead party are the good ol’ gaggle of gals we know and love (and miss!).The recently released trailed for the game looks silly and colorful, and jokingly boasts that’s it’s “set in a world that’s 100% canon.”Something about this trailer makes us think its canonical nature could be in dispute:Age is just a number…The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX will be releasing for Mac/PC this year!Follow for updates! modern noir involves a dead cop, a white supremacist bar owner, and a deadly plan to wipe out the gay community.The developer’s website describes this game as “my personal project that has spun wildly out of control” into “a playground of ideas meant to explore just how much we can push our skills and retain our sanity with our own brand of humor.” Basically, it’s chaotic camp fun!The early gameplay teasers fully reflect it, too.

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