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Will Hurd, GOP’s only pro-gay presidential candidate, calls Trump a “loser” following arrest & slipping poll numbers

A post shared by Will Hurd (@willhurd)Pretty much everyone agrees that GOP presidential hopeful Will Hurd doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning his party’s nomination in 2024. But god bless the man for trying.If the 46-year-old former Texas congressman, who bills himself as a “common sense” Republican, didn’t kill his chances earlier in the month when he urged conservatives to focus on defeating Vladimir Putin rather than fighting LGBTQ+ people, then he certainly did this weekend when he called Donald Trump a “loser”, which everyone knows is the worst thing you can possibly call the one-term, twice-impeached, four-time indicted ex-president.Let’s keep the focus on what really matters, defeating our enemies and securing a better future for America.

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