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Casey DeSantis pissed she has to find new place to shop after Walmart unveils massive 2024 Pride collection

that Walmart–is going all out this Pride season.The discount department store, which has 10,500 locations across the entire U.S. and 18 other countries, unveiled an extensive line of Pride merch, created by different LGBTQ+ artists and designers, and a lot of it is actually… kinda cool?!?Like this “Cheers Queers” 32-ounce clear water bottle by Anna Parade:Stay woke with our briefing while staying informed on all things LGBTQ+ entertainment, life, and more!Or this Diplo-inspired “Not Not Gay” pouch by Zaddy Earth:Or this “totes gay” canvas bag with a rainbow handle by Inks Meets Paper:Or this “Hot Gay Summer” tye dye baseball hat by Jesus & Sergio:All of it (and more) can be found on Walmart’s website.

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