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Bretman Rock dishes about his serendipitous love story with Justice Fester

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Bretman Rock has opened up about how he met his new boyfriend, and the story is straight out of a romantic comedy. Back in May, the former GAY TIMES cover star surprised his millions of followers by hard-launching his new relationship on TikTok and Instagram.

While Bretman refrained from tagging his dreamy partner, social media sleuths quickly identified him as Justice Fester. Since that fateful day, fans have been eager to learn more about the makeup guru’s adorable new relationship.

Fortunately, during his recent appearance on Quenlin Blackwell’s YouTube channel, Bretman didn’t hold back, sharing all the heartwarming details about Justice and how fate brought them together. “Do you believe in the red string or the string theory period?

Like kind of like right person wrong time? Basically, I met this man six years ago [at a club]. I had no business being in the club,” he explained. “And we saw each other, and I never really hit up on anybody, but I could tell that his friends were telling him to hit me up, but I was like, he just gives very hetero vibes, and I’m not about to get rejected by a hetero at the club.” After he confirmed that Justice wasn’t straight –with the help of his cousin Miss K – Bretman admitted to making the first move. “I slid in there and I was like, ‘What are we drinking?’ We took a shot, and then I put lip gloss on and he was like, ‘You’re making me self-conscious like I feel like my lips are dry,'” he continued.

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