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Instagram's New 'Pillow Challenge' Trend Has the Internet Thirsty AF

During these uncertain times of self-isolation and longterm quarantines, it's important to find ways to get creative and keep yourself entertained. Some people have experimented with their hair. Some people have been playing video games on end. And some people have been trying out new lewks...just not with the clothes in their closet. Nope, out of sheer boredom, Instagram's "Quarantine Pillow Challenge" was born. 

The premise is simple: trying to create an outfit with nothing more than a pillow

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Thanks to his infectious pop anthems about the queer teen experience and laidback approach to social media, Isaac Dunbar has garnered quite the online following. ‘Stan Twitter’ often hail the 17-year-old as a “king!” and ask if he’ll adopt them as his child, or if they can send him their cat in the post. Very normal behaviour, yes, but he’s taking it all in his stride.
Following a rapid increase in audience engagement tracked across the last year in Spanish-speakers, GAY TIMES are excited to announce the launch of on Instagram.

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