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Bretman Rock recalls the first time he met boyfriend Justice Fester: “He [gave] very hetero vibes”

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a hunky mystery man began popping up in the social media stars videos.After Rock shared a video of the two making sweet music together (literally) on his secondary TikTok account, fans began to wonder: Who is this guy?

Is this a relationship “soft launch”? And, could Bretman’s life possibly get any dreamier?Subscribe to our newsletter for a refreshing cocktail (or mocktail) of LGBTQ+ entertainment and pop culture, served up with a side of eye-candy.Well, that first question proved extremely easy to answer—this is the internet, after all.Though his face doesn’t appear in the initial video, fans quickly deduced that muscled back belongs to a man named Justice Fester who, per his social media, is 26, lives in Hawaii, and is (like Rock) absolutely stunning.And, sure enough, Rock’s made some appearances on Fester’s TikTok, too.

In a video shared on May 5—weeks before Rock’s post—the two can be seen comparing paintings they made of one another’s faces.

The paintings are… okay (no offense, guys), but the video? It’s absolutely adorable.In a follow up clip, the guys are seen lounging on a lush, green lawn—a scenic view of Hawaii in the background—as Rock’s pet dogs frolic around them. “Lost but now i am found,” Fester writes in the caption.

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