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Shawn Mendes in Tommy Hilfiger, “MJ: The Musical,” & five gay movies from 2022

the go-go contestants in a new Drag Race-style reality show, then catch up on the latest from Gay TikTok:MJ: The Musical got to work.Eric Uhden found a vintage Richard Banks.Mr. Zhang experienced toxic masculinity.Jonas Tjallema named the top five gay movies from 2022 so far.Darren Kennedy got in the waterTanner Winn dropped the lid.Kyler Kristo rated hand soaps.♬ original sound – Kyler KristoIan Aber shot a gun.Shawn Mendes spent time with Tommy Hilfiger.And Daniel Assetta entertained the guests

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Meghan McCain has resorted to accusing teenagers on TikTok of spreading pro-Biden propaganda
John McCain’s daughter is at it again!In her latest op-ed for The Daily Mail, Meghan McCain accuses President Biden of using TikTokers to spread government propaganda after the White House held a Zoom meeting with roughly 30 influencers last week.No, seriously, that’s what she’s arguing.McCain specifically targets 18-year-old TikToker Ellie Zeiler, who posted a video about how Russia’s attack on Ukraine is impacting gas prices in the United States shortly after the meeting.“Now, with Putin starting this horrific fight between Ukraine and Russia, nobody wants to work with him and do international trade… so with people being scared of war and limited resources prices are bound to go up,” Zeiler explained in the video.Link in my bio to help ?? ? Partition – Beyonce? Speaking to The Teen Mag recently, Zeiler said she considers herself a “big activist” for human rights.“I love that I can use my voice to speak up on my platform to shed light onto these topics and spread word,” she said. “From me speaking out, I feel that people are getting to know me better, because activism is something that is significant to me.”McCain, who makes several digs at Zeiler’s age throughout the op-ed, calls the young influencer’s take on gas prices “inaccurate on its face.”“It is Biden’s policies, not just the war in Ukraine, that have driven inflation and led to rising energy prices, and no amount of TikToks will hide this,” she argues.