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Stormy Daniels extends olive branch to Melania but for some reason we don’t think she’ll accept it

Melania Trump.The For The Love Of DILFS host appeared on Good Morning Britain this week, where she spoke to Noel Phillips about her relationship withone-term, twice-impeached, once-indicted ex-president Donald Trump and his recent indictment and arrest in New York.Daniels called the whole thing “bittersweet” but “sad”, saying, “No matter which way it goes, it’s still going to be very divisive and further separate and hurt the country.”It’s our new favorite trainwreck.From there, she spent much of the interview repeating what she’s already said before–recalling her now-infamous encounter with Trump back in 2006, talking about the threats she’s received since the hush money scandal broke in 2018, and expressing her regret over the entire situation.But things took an especially interesting turn when Phillips questioned her about Melania. Asked whether she felt any sympathy for the ex-FLOTUS, Daniels replied, “I would assume that she doesn’t need me or anyone else to speak for her. Perhaps her not speaking is her speaking.

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