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Putting the “abs” in “absurdity”: Meet the himbos & daddies of ‘For The Love Of DILFs’ season two

For The Love Of DILFs premiered on OUTtv last January, we had no idea it was about to become our favorite TV guilty pleasure of the year.From DaddyTV (the team that brought you X-Rated: NYC), the brilliantly batty and bawdy series delivered on its promise of abs and absurdity—and then some—assembling a group of hottie himbos and delicious daddies under one roof and letting the sparks fly.Now, the show’s coming back for more, ready to heat up your 2024 with more drama, more skin, and more Stormy Daniels—thank goodness—as our fearless host.It even appears that the adult film star and White House sh*t-stirrer gets involved in the antics this time around! People recently debuted the first trailer for For The Love Of DILFs‘ second season—premiering January 23 on OUTtv—and it looks even more messy and fun than we could’ve imagined.Forget a Christmas Advent Calendar, we want a countdown to For The Love Of DILFs‘ return!And if we can’t have that, maybe this will suffice? Let’s take a peek at the studs, young and old, who will be competing for love this time around, shall we? Click through to meet the cast of For The Love Of DILFs season two.It’s our new favorite trainwreck.View Full PostA post shared by Aaron Christian |

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