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5 reasons you should absolutely be watching ‘For the Love of DILFs’

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Whereas the rest of the world is losing their collective sh*t over HBO’s The Last of Us (which I get, I love me some Daddy Pascal!), there’s another daddy-centric show that’s taking over my ability to function in normal society: OutTV’s For the Love of DILFs.Hosted by Stormy Daniels, this steamy gay dating reality show pairs himbos (which GQ defines as “a dumb, hot man,” rude!) with successful daddies (which I define as “google any image of Pedro Pascal ever”) all in a quest to see who can establish a connection and ultimately find love.If it sounds completely ridiculous to you, don’t worry.

It totally is, and that’s why I love it.But just in case you need some extra convincing, here’s a list of five reasons you should absolutely be watching my new favorite trainwreck, For the Love of DILFS…Remember than travesty, that was basically a hate crime against the LGBTQ+ community?

Yeah, this isn’t that.Listen, we don’t expect For the Love of DILFs to have the same budget as The Bachelor. In fact, DILFs is very low budget, and there are times where you can absolutely tell – which makes it all the more fun to watch.For example, Stormy often looks like she got her wardrobe, hair, and makeup done at a TJ Maxx down the street.

Which, hey, we love a Maxxinista! Meanwhile, many of the challenges look like they were created using supplies purchased from Party City.

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