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Hungarian parliament bans gender recognition in landslide vote

Hungary's lawmakers recently voted 133-57 to pass a bill that defines an individual's sex registered at birth, effectively banning future gender identity changes.

There were four abstentions.

The new bill amends the Central European country's Registry Act. It sets individuals' gender at birth with no ability to alter their legal documents to their preferred gender identity later in life. It was led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban's right-wing Fidesz party.

Until the May 19 parliamentary vote,

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Well over a quarter (29%) of trans and non-binary youth have attempted suicide in the last year.
myGwork, the global recruitment & networking organisation for Lesbian, Bi, Trans and Gay professionals, is launching its first global online five-day conference ‘WorkPride’ in place of postponed or cancelled flagship LBGTQ+ events including Pride. 

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