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Someone might want to check on Eric Trump this morning because he looked absolutely psychotic on TV last night

Donald Trump was indicted again (again) this week–his third indictment of the year, so far–and nobody seems to be taking the news worse than his son, Eric.Seriously, someone might wanna check on the guy.The 39-year-old threw a temper tantrum of epic proportions yesterday evening on Fox News, ranting and raving against special counsel Jack Smith, who he called “desperate”, and saying his dad is prepared to “fight like hell” against the latest federal charges filed against him.Eric Trump: We have dealt with this nonsense from the very beginning. We dealt with it with the slanderous Russia lies, the fact that we were colluding with the Kremlin…“We’ve dealt with this nonsense from the very beginning,” he whined to Fox News host Jesse Watters.

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