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Texas Governor Wants to Ban Trans People from Being Teachers

The Little Mermaid.The famously anti-LGBTQ Libs of TikTok claimed Tjachyadi was a crossdresser and drag queen with a “fetish for wearing women’s clothing to work.”Tjachyadi was placed on administrative leave in February while an investigation examined his attire during school “dress-up days,” in which students and teachers are permitted to wear costumes or other attire that match a specific theme.Even though the internal investigation found that he had broken no policies, Tjachyadi decided to resign, stating that the negative press the school had received — and hateful comments posted to social media — had become a “distraction” for students.Abbott had previously weighed in on Tjachyadi’s attire, seeking to marshal conservative outrage over gender-nonconformity into support for his plan for school vouchers, writing on social media,”No parent should be forced by the state to send their child to this school.”No parent should be forced by the state to send their child to this school.I'm fighting for the right of parents to send their children elsewhere.Parents deserve school choice in Texas. The candidates I am backing will deliver that school choice.

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