Rehoboth Beach: Last News


‘Fellow Travelers’ teaches a lesson on rough trade with its spiciest scene yet—but viewers have one question

*Caution: Spoilers ahead for Fellow Travelers Episode 3, “Hit Me.”*In its latest episode, Fellow Travelers packs its bags for a gay getaway to Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach—and a lesson on rough trade. And it all leads to the series’ spiciest scene yet!Tim (Jonathan Bailey) is still upset with Hawk (Matt Bomer) after he was forced to write a letter throwing his friend Mary’s partner under the bus—which, in turn, saved Mary from being outed and got the heat off all of them.To make it up to him, Hawk tells Tim he’s taking him on a birthday trip to Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach, a longtime LGBTQ+ destination a la Fire Island, where “DC professionals who can afford a weekend away” feel safer being their authentic gay selves away from prying eyes.Of course, it’s Hawk we’re talking about here, so you know he’s got an ulterior motive.

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