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Doja Cat changes her Twitter name to 'fart' after going straight to new boss Elon Musk for help
Doja Cat changed her Twitter name to 'fart' after going straight to the company's new boss Elon Musk for help in changing her moniker on the social networking site. 'I don't wanna be christmas forever @elonmusk please help i've made a mistake,' the Grammy-winning pop star, who has frequently changed her name in the past, wrote to Elon on Wednesday.A half a day later and it appears the high-profile billionaire has lived up to his promise, writing her back late Thursday morning: '@DojaCat You should be able to change your name now.' Twitter lobby: Doja Cat, 27, used profanity to get the attention of Elon Musk so she could get help changing her screen name from Christmas, and 12 hours later the new Twitter boss hits her back that the problem was fixed New name: The Say So singer has since changed her Twitter name to 'fart' In the end, it took Musk about 12 hours to get back to her and tell her the problem with her name had been fixed.The songstress' new Twitter username is now 'fart.'  Doja's (born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini) problems all started when she changed her name to Christmas before Twitter enacted a new policy, leaving her to settle with the seasonable handle. In fact, the performer's dilemma commenced not long after Musk, who purchased Twitter last month, announced that a change in a user's online name would result in the temporary loss of a checkmark. Not wanting to have to continue on as Christmas for the foreseeable future, Doja begged for someone to help her.
Elon Musk once again reminds everyone why his trans daughter wants nothing to do with him
Thrice-divorced wealth hoarder Elon Musk took to Twitter over the weekend to prove, yet again, that he doesn’t understand anything about trans youth.As the father of a trans daughter, one would hope he’d have educated himself at least a bit, but clearly the “pronouns suck” thinking that pushed her away is here to stay.This latest incident started with right-wing disinformation account “American Accountability Foundation” misinterpreting a section of a Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) research day booklet.They posted this excerpt with a misleading tweet:The @MUSCkids has four year olds coming through its transgender hormone clinic.And hopes: “In the future, hopefully more patients and at younger ages will be referred to affirming providers so that medical options such as pubertal suppression”https://t.co/EXnvgnv8vv pic.twitter.com/UILYvsosbi— American Accountability Foundation (@ExposingBiden) September 16, 2022Musk quickly responded to this with “Is it really true that four-year-olds are receiving hormone treatment?” For the record: Such a claim was made nowhere in the original material.Related: Elon Musk just reminded everyone why his trans daughter wants nothing to do with himBasic fact-checking and/or common sense would lead anyone to understand that no, hormones that aren’t present yet in children can’t be replaced. The richest person alive apparently does not possess such skills.Thankfully, there are plenty of folks who’ve witnessed his weird, transphobic BS long enough to call it out on the spot.Let the dunking commence:No, but now idiots will think it is.