Sundance: Last News


WATCH: The underrated series that brought messy (in a good way) deaf, gay stories to the TV screen

This week, April 15 – 21, marks National Deaf LGBTQ+ Awareness Week, a project launch by the Deaf Queer Resource Center to uplift, support, and bring greater visibility to these multiply marginalized communities. Every day this week, Queerty will be spotlighting a short film that focuses on deaf, queer characters—all of which you can watch right now.As we wrap up our coverage of Deaf LGBTQ+ Awareness Week, you may find yourself wanting more—and that’s a good thing!Hopefully the short films we’ve spotlighted over the past few days have shown that there’s so much potential for stories at the intersection of deafness and queerness, especially when deaf, queer people are involved in front of and behind the camera.Subscribe to our newsletter for your front-row seat to all things entertainment with a sprinkle of everything else queer.But these shorts are, by their nature, well… short.

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