Russell T. Davies: Last News


The new ‘Doctor Who’ just added some serious muscle and a ‘Drag Race’ legend

Doctor Who is about to get very, very queer.The long-running sci-fi franchise has a habit of shaking up its universe every now and again—as it follows the inter-dimensional adventures of the heroic Time Lord—and this year will be no different, shepherded by returning showrunner Russell T Davies, a.k.a. the man who brought you Queer As Folk and It’s A Sin.This holiday season, The BBC will air a handful of Doctor Who specials, which are set to feature Heartstopper favorite Yasmin Finney, as well as Neil Patrick Harris, who will be playing some sort of diabolical toymaker? You know what, when it comes to this show, we don’t ask questions, we just roll with it.But most exciting of all will be the introduction of our “Fifteenth Doctor,” future Barbie star Ncuti Gatwa.

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