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WATCH: Life—and love—goes on for an older gay man in final season of this heartfelt web drama

After Forever, an indie “micro series” about love, grief, and new beginnings.Co-created by Days Of Our Lives writer Michael Slade and star Kevin Spirtas, After Forever builds off their shared soaps experience to create a drama more grounded and human—and distinctly gay.Subscribe to our newsletter for your front-row seat to all things entertainment with a sprinkle of everything else queer.The first season, which premiered back in 2018, introduced us to successful, fifty-something gay man Brian (Spirtas) whose seemingly picture-perfect New York City life crumbles after the sudden loss of his husband Jason (Party Of Five‘s Mitchell Anderson) to cancer.As the narrative jumped back and forth between time, we watched two parallel narratives unfold: both the couple’s final days together and Brian’s attempt to pick up the pieces, surrounding himself with friends and family and throwing himself into his work.Is there life after true love? In the second season, set six months later, we saw Brian make attempts to start fresh, both with a new job and opening himself up to a new chance at love—even as his grief continued to manifest itself in unexpected ways.And now we arrive at After Forever‘s final chapter where Brian comes to the difficult revelation that getting closure means accepting the truth. As he finds himself carrying on conversations with Jason in his head and lashing out at those closest to him, Brian finally decides to seek professional help in the form of therapist Dr.

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