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Who’s the “well-hung Disney prince” of ‘And Just Like That’? Meet actor Sebastiano Pigazzi

we recently noted, this season of the Sex And The City sequel series And Just Like That has been a marked improvement over the first, finally remembering to bring some sex back to the city, as well as that trademark style and wit.And the show—much like the hunky deliverymen of Anthony’s (Mario Cantone) bakery Hot Fellas—just keeps delivering.More specifically, And Just Like That has gifted us with a fresh-out-the-oven, piping-hot loaf of a man named Giuseppe, played by tthe gorgeous young actor Sebastiano Pigazzi.A post shared by FLEWID BOOK ( wasn’t this legend’s first or last feud, either.*Spoilers ahead for And Just Like That, up through Season 2, Episode 8, “A Hundred Years Ago.” Another reason we’ve loved this season is the bigger spotlight on Cantone’s fan favorite gay character, Anthony. Newly single (sadly, the show had to write his husband, Standford, off after actor Willie Garson’s untimely passing), Anthony’s kept himself preoccupied with his bakery business, Hot Fellas, which ingeniously hires fit young men to wear short-shorts and hand deliver fresh bread to horny Manhattanites (someone make this a reality, stat!).Last week, Hot Fellas got a big break when the company was invited to appear on The Drew Barrymore Show.

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