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‘Succession’ producer sets record straight about Tom Wambsgans baseball theory

pulled off an unassisted triple play in the 1920 World Series.While Wambsgans did indeed emerge as head of Waystar Royco in the series’ final episode, “Succession” executive producer Frank Rich threw water on the idea that there was a long-plotted baseball Easter egg.“I hate to spoil the internet’s fun, but it’s false,” Rich told Slate. “Tom’s family name was picked before we had shot a first season, let alone mapped out precise story twists that would culminate 39 episodes later! Not to mention that many of the key writers on the show, starting with its creator, Jesse [Armstrong], are British, live in London, and are devoted to British football.”Do the names on Succession reveal the show’s ending? #succession #hbomax #tomwambsgans #billwambsganss #shivroy #successionhbo #successiontok #successionfinale #babynames #nameberry Semantically, Wambsgans did not pull off an unassisted triple play — he needed the help of his wife, Shiv Roy, whom he had already bested in the competition for the U.S.

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