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Stephen 'tWitch' Boss and the Grief Behind Suicide

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You never know what someone is dealing with.I know we were all shocked by the tragic death of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, the happy, upbeat, always dancing DJ and co-executive producer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

He radiated goodness. When I spoke to Ellen this year as she said goodbye to her long-running talk show, during our long conversation, she mentioned he would be one of the people she would miss the most.Last year, around this very same time, I wrote honestly and brutally about my own struggles with suicide.

I explained that if you’re going through all that horror or have survived the nightmare of suicide, you just don’t talk about it because it's impossible to rationalize.

I never planned on writing about it, but if it helps clarify for people what is immeasurably hard to elucidate, then maybe it’s worth it.

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