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New Drag Race Contestants Discuss Anti-Drag Hate Across the U.S.

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The new queens from the next season of MTV's RuPaul’s Drag Race sat down with GLAAD to discuss the anti-drag sentiment spreading among right-wingers across the country.Speaking with GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos, the new contestants discussed how they experience and fight the relatively new phenomenon spreading across the country that has painted drag queens as somehow dangerous to children and communities.“I don’t know any drag queen who’s trying to hurt nobody.

Yeah, there’s different kinds of drag – I know my drag can sometimes be very sexy too, but it’s like I am not trying to hurt [anybody.] People who are swearing by their guns and their bibles are hurting more people than they know,” said Salina EsTitties.Fellow queen Jax explained that drag is a creative outlet of expression.“[Drag] is so many things that we love about ourselves and our life experiences… [we] create these characters to just continue to highlight our own personal journeys.

I went to art school and I’m combining all those aspects together to create this entity that can take people away from the harsh things that are happening in the world and make them happy and make them want to live bi-curiously live through me,” Jax said.Mistress Isabelle Brooks explained her approach to fighting the anti-drag crowd.“I’m gonna utilize my platform and continue to just bring light and joy to people and take everyone out of their everyday life.

At the end of the day, there’s just stuff that we can’t prevent, but we still have to take a stand and try our best to just keep spreading that positivity.,” she said.One queen observed that most people who have a misconception about drag shows have never been to one.“I think the common thread between all of these people who.

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