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Best Bets • 08-12-22

There you are, just hanging on the beach, trying to enjoy those last days of a swinging summer with your best girlfriends and all the hot guys, just minding your own business, when what happens? Those damn aliens decide to invade and spoil all your fun! Except, of course, what could be more fun than fighting off an alien invasion with the DFW Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at their Wet & Wild End of Summer Hullabaloo Beach Blanket Bingo Splash Down Party Alien Invasion. So don your most fabulous ’50s finery and head over to The Hidden Door to send summer out with a bang (so to speak).

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Arabic anti-LGBTQ campaign goes viral on Twitter
An anti-LGBTQ campaign named Fetrah is making waves on social media after it urged users to promote the idea that there are only two genders, male and female.Taken from the Arabic word for "human instinct", Fetrah surfaced after International Pride Month in the Middle East.Its creation follows a number of political controversies particularly in Saudi Arabia where authorities announced a recall of all rainbow-colored toys and clothing for children in Riyadh for “promoting homosexuality”.Designed by three Egyptian marketing professionals who have experience creating marketing campaigns for start-ups, the initiative gained thousands of followers across a number of different social media platforms in a matter of weeks.Fetrah’s creators are encouraging social media users to reject homosexuality while supporters of the campaign are posting a blue and pink flag to promote the cause.Meta, the parent company for Facebook and Instagram banned Fetrah’s account on the 9th of June after the page gained over half a million likes and received Facebook’s coveted blue verification tag.However, several alternative pages for Fetrah have since surfaced on both Facebook and Instagram as social media users and news outlets continue to voice their support for the Fetrah campaign.This person for example tweeted “I support this initiative.”Fetrah’s Twitter page is still in existence and boasts over 75,000 followers.Activists say the page is continuing to gain support and that Twitter’s failure to ban accounts like this one could further marginalise the LGBTQ community in the Middle East.Mahsa Alimardani, a digital rights expert told the Cube that Twitter and other social media platforms should be investing more resources into fighting this
How to celebrate Pride with your children year-round
As a single mother at 16, I was forced to give up my baby for adoption by my parentsAlicia Silverstone shares a bed with her 11-year-old. So what?'I gave birth to someone else's baby': What it's really like to be a surrogate in the UKOrganisations range from Stonewall, which actively fights for change or MindOut, which focuses directly on mental health issues faced by the community.Colours Youth Network fights to create spaces where LGBTQ+ young people of racial, cultural, spiritual, and religious identities are centred, while Hidayah LGBT promotes inclusion and fights back against injustice specifically to serve queer Muslims across the world.These are just some examples of charities that can help your child gain a wider view and which they can embolden themselves by supporting.Suggest your child could maybe sell some unused toys to help the causes too; you’d be amazed how many kids are actually up for this when it means they are doing something positive.There will be a lot of Pride events around the country, but if there’s not one close by, or your children fancy being more creative themselves, why not host one within your community?Get the kids to make bunting and decorations, draw pictures, have face paint and put on a fashion show where they can dress to express.Pride can and should be fun; and this will give children a day they will remember and one they will always relate to inclusivity.You could also jointly create a playlist together involving artists and songs from, or relating, to the LGBTQ+ community.This one’s easy and endless fun.
Tom Daley Champions LGBT Rights and Protests Homophobia at Commonwealth Games
British diver Tom Daley delivered a powerful statement on the eve of the Commonwealth Games night, advocating for LGBTQI+ rights while protesting against the 35 countries under the Commonwealth where being part of the queer community is currently illegal. The Olympic champion played a key role in the ceremony, as the first athlete to carry the Queen’s Baton and was met with other athletes and activists who waved Pride Progress flags, raising awareness of the member states under the Commonwealth which criminalise same-sex relations. Pride House Birmingham (PHB) co-founder Lou Englefield spoke to ABC sport stating that there are currently “more countries in the Commonwealth that criminalise homosexuality than don’t.” Though Daley had decided not to compete at Birmingham 2022, he has been a strong advocate for LGBTQI+ rights in the past, drawing attention to the persecution of queer individuals after winning his 10 metres synchro event at the Gold Coast in 2018. These laws are a legacy of colonialism. This opening ceremony for us is about showing LGBTQ+ visibility to the billion people watching.” The opening of Pride House Birmingham has been projected to have the biggest presence to date by a Pride House at a Commonwealth Games. Pride Houses are venues dedicated to diversity, culture and LGBTQI+ inclusion at major sporting events where visitors are encouraged to enjoy performances, talks and activities in addition to opportunities to view live sports.