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We’ve all seen ‘Mamma Mia!,’ but ABBA’s campy 1977 tour movie is a must-watch for true fans

Welcome back to our queer film retrospective, “A Gay Old Time.” In this week’s column, we revisit 1977’s ABBA: The Movie, the iconic band’s lesser known “mockumentary” tour movie.For almost fifty years now, Swedish pop supergroup ABBA have remained a constant presence in popular culture. From their millions of singles sold during the ’70s and ’80s, to their ’90s renaissance spurred on by their greatest hits album, to their introduction to new generations with a smash hit Broadway musical and two movie adaptations—not to mention a long-awaited new album and a live show that sells out every night—it seems like they’ve always been here.However, the majority of their recent success is based purely on nostalgia: their career resurgence with ABBA Gold brought people back to the songs they loved growing up.

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