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This glam-rock band—and its gorgeous lead singer—are about to become your next obsession

A post shared by The Scarlet Opera (@thescarletopera)Ladies and gentlemen, gays and theys, prepare to have your faces melted off by the bombastic rock ‘n’ roll theatrics of The Scarlet Opera, your next musical obsession.If you’re already familiar, then you know the five-piece band from LA has been winning over audiences at sold-out live shows, wowing with electrifying performances that we can only describe as, well, operatic.And, if you’re not familiar with The Scarlet Opera, then never fear, because we’re about to tell you more—and they’re about to be everywhere.A post shared by The Scarlet Opera (@thescarletopera)Originally formed in 2016 under the name “Perta,” they reemerged last year as The Scarlet Opera, setting themselves on a course toward superstardom.As the story goes, the name is a nod to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s American Lit pre-req novel, The Scarlet Letter, and stands for the “misunderstood and misrepresented.” Their (appropriately) grandiose bio reads: “The music, the shows, the glamour are all devoted to the outcasts, to the sexually liberated, to those who don’t come from wealth, to those who are divine.”“The Scarlet Opera represents passion, lust, fury, and beauty.”Punk rock. Disco.

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