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How To Cure the ‘Woke Mind Virus’ For $19.99 (Plus Shipping)

Take a spin through the conservative media ecosystem — or listen to most of the Republican presidential primary field — and you’ll learn one major takeaway: The “woke mind virus” has fully infected America’s largest corporations. A non-exhaustive list of companies that personalities on Fox News have derisively called “woke” over the last couple years — for reasons spanning featuring trans people in ad campaigns to running corporate DEI programs — includes Bud Light, Hershey’s, Pizza Hut, Walmart, Nike, Kaiser Permanente, Chick-Fil-A, the whole airline industry and the weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin.Naturally, conservative influencers are taking the opportunity to make a quick buck and a political statement (in the same way you might find liberals desperately trying to find bidders for their Ruth Bader Ginsburg Christmas ornaments).