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Taylor, Katy, Ke$ha & more: 10 pop songs by longtime gay icons & allies that haven’t aged well

Here are 10 songs that may be considered problematic in today’s context for LGBTQ+ listeners, and will need a serious update if they ever want to be played at a Pride parade again…I mean, do we even need to explain? The 38-year-old pop star released this song for her debut album, One of the Boys, in 2008 and it definitely wouldn’t fly today. With lines like “I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf” to its derogatory use of the word gay in the chorus and other problematic elements like the rampant stereotyping and body-shaming, it’s safe to say this coded homophobic track has left a stain in Perry’s discography.Kesha has provided the gays with plenty of bops throughout her career and has been a fierce ally for the community, but, unfortunately, her catalog of hits does have quite an offensive dud with the song “Grow A Pear”. The song has been widely criticized for perpetuating strict gender roles and for its problematic lyrics.

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