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Queer Lawmaker Liliana Bakhtiari Comes Out as Nonmonogamous

Atlanta City Council member Liliana Bakhtiari, the first queer Muslim to hold elected office in Georgia, has come out as nonmonogamous.Bakhtiari, a lifelong Atlantan born to immigrant parents, is the second Iranian-American on the council and one of just a handful of nonbinary elected officials or out queer Muslim officials nationwide. They are not only the first nonbinary person on the Atlanta council but the first on any governing body of a major U.S. city.The councilmember has been with their partner Kris Brown for 10 years and recently spoke exclusively to NBC News about their relationship with Sarah Al-Khayyal.Bakhtiari said they chose to come out because they wanted to start a family together.They said that stories like this tend to be scandalous.

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Republican Sen. Josh Hawley Seems to Think There's Only One Gender
As life seems to imitate art in an ever-increasing way, it has become a part of our collective consciousness that Missouri senator and ultra-MAGA, anti-LGBTQ+ Republican  Josh Hawley seems to have abandoned gender as a construct.In a Wednesday campaign email, the senator — who raised his fist in support of former President Donald Trump's supporters who were outside the Capitol on January 6, 2021 —  implored his supporters to respond to a survey regarding “transgender propaganda” being taught to children “as young as first graders.” A screenshot of the email shared on social media reveals the following irony.“We want to keep socialist lies OUT of the classroom, but we need your help by taking our survey,” the email continued.“Do you want to keep transgender propaganda OUT of our classrooms today?” the prompt asks.“YES — keep transgender propaganda OUT or NO — Teach young children there is more than one gender.”New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel spotted the email and drew attention to it first, tweeting, “JOSH HAWLEY wants to stop schools from teaching “transgender propaganda,” like that “there is more than one gender.” A key issue manufactured wedge issue for the Republican base this election cycle has been opposition to transgender rights, against which Hawley has been railing. During a recent speech at the National Conservatism Conference, he talked about how America is the “heir to revolutionaries of the Bible,” the St.