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Dem Missouri Senate Candidate Flubs Trans Rights Position

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One of two leading Democratic candidates, in a field of 11, vying for the position to replace retiring Missouri U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt in November’s midterm elections has had trouble articulating where she stands on transgender rights, gender-affirming care, and the right-wing red herring of critical race theory.

Now, days before Missourians vote, her main Democratic primary opponent is blasting her for it.Trudy Busch Valentine was Monday asked whether she supports a law prohibiting instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation on Monday, The Kansas City Star reports.In Florida, such teaching is forbidden in grades K-3 and restricted in later grades, and opponents say it has a chilling effect.

LGBTQ+ teachers may be afraid to mention their identity or to display pictures of their partners in the classroom because they may be fired or sued by parents.

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