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Kellyanne Conway is gonna be pissed when she sees what her daughter Claudia just tweeted

A post shared by claudia conway (@claudiamconway)Kellyanne Conway‘s rebellious teenage daughter is causing trouble again.On Tuesday, to mark Independence Day, Claudia Conway re-shared a clip of herself talking to reporters in June 2022 shortly after the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe V Wade.In the clip, she urges people not to “buy into July 4th propaganda” and saying she wouldn’t be celebrating the holiday because “we’re not free.”“New year, same sh*t — bringing this back,” the 18-year-old tweeted yesterday, along with the clip.New year, same shit — bringing this back a critic accused her of disrespecting veterans who fought for “our beautiful Christian country”, Conway ripped into the guy… by offering him a brief lesson in American history.“No one’s disrespecting veterans,” she replied. “I have the utmost respect for our veterans, which is why we observe Veterans and Military Families Month, Military Appreciation Month, Memorial Day, etc.

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