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Secret audio of Donald Trump and Ivanka wooing Christian leaders leaks and it’s creepy AF

A secret audio recording of Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka wooing far-right Christian extremists in the weeks ahead of the 2016 presidential election has just been unearthed and it’s deeply creepy, to the say the least.The recording appears in the new documentary Battleground, out this week, which offers a shocking deep dive into the anti-abortion movement in America.According to the doc, the tape was recorded in September 2016 during a closed-door meeting between the Trumps and a gaggle of Christian leaders a little over a month before the election.The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how Trump would “fulfill the Christian right’s legislative and cultural priorities” if elected president.Things kick off with Steve Bannon telling the group, “The key that picks the lock to this election is you. Conservative Catholics and evangelicals who have not voted, who have not been motivated to vote, have to come to the polls.

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