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In an emotional goodbye, this divisive queer ‘Survivor’ player left with an important message

*Spoilers ahead for Survivor Season 46, up through the March 20 episode, “Don’t Touch The Oven.”*This week’s episode of Survivor 46 ended in dramatic fashion, snuffing out the flame of player without even taking it to a tribal vote.Yes, it was that obvious that is was time for Bhanu Gopal—a queer “30-plus-something” IT quality analyst from Acton, MA—to go home. But not without leaving his mark on the island in just four episodes, shocking viewers with his complete lack of strategic gameplay while, yes, also winning over millions of hearts.Subscribe to our newsletter for your front-row seat to all things entertainment with a sprinkle of everything else queer.We’ve never seen a Survivor player quite like Bhanu… and that’s probably because he wasn’t much of a “player” at all.

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