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Salina EsTitties on fearing the edit, her Loosey beef, and why she’s ready for ‘Survivor’ next

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Drag Race a star.Yes, the L.A. queen put up quite a fight in Season 15, tying the franchise-wide record for Lip Sync wins and giving us some memorable television along the way, ultimately landing in sixth place.And though she’ll be the first to admit it wasn’t always easy, Miss EsTitties kept her heart in it the whole way through, making her community proud.After her sashay, we had the pleasure of calling up Salina for the latest installment of The Chop Shop.

The warm and chatty queen was down dish on it all, giving us the tea on a dramatic Untucked, and sharing which RuGirl gave her a shoulder to cry on post-elimination.Plus, you’ll never believe where she performed her wildest drag show—read on below to find out!A post shared by Salina EsTitties (@estitties)As your run on the show comes to an end, what’s been the hardest and the most rewarding part of watching your Drag Race journey back on TV?*takes a deep breath* Being there, I couldn’t see beyond being there, right?

I couldn’t see the future of what was going to happen. I was just in my bubble of trauma and insecurities and doubt for being in the bottom so many times.

It was just not the fantasy I went in there with so it was very disheartening to learn, “Oh, okay, Michelle is not on my side?

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