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John Cena just joined OnlyFans & now we suddenly have to take the rest of the week off

“you can’t see,” but we’ve actually seen quite a bit of the WWE wrestler, who indiscriminately shares pics on Instagram “without explanation, for your interpretation.”He showed off in his tighty whities in 2022’s Peacemaker. Then, he sported long locks and bared his chest as Barbie‘s male mermaid.Sign up for the Queerty newsletter to get your daily fix of heartthrobs with a side of the hottest queer news and culture.And of course, he got naked to portray Amy Schumer’s maybe-gay boyfriend in 2015’s Trainwreck.But get ready to see the 46-year-old “like you’ve never seen” before.On his OnlyFans page.…like you’ve never seen me before.

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