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A night at Alejandro, L.A.’s gender-expansive strip show

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As the club begins to fill, so does the abundance of energy and joy. Under the lilac fluorescent lights, regulars reconnect and strangers are embraced.

Tender exchanges of affection are common in this space. A shared exhilarated frequency makes its way around the dimly lit rooms the lights begin to lower.

A spotlight hits the center stage, the MC queues the music, introduces the first dancer of the night, and the crowd roars.This is Alejandro night.For the past few months, the Alejandro strip event has featured a gender-expansive lineup of trans, queer, and nonbinary dancers every second Wednesday of the month.

Held at DTLA gay bar Precinct, Alejandro is an event that not only highlights the talents and presence of its dancers but also occupies a space where non-cis bodies and communities are embraced, liberated, and celebrated.

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