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Gay-hating pundit Laura Ingraham is getting trolled for an epic self-own

Laura Ingraham probably thought she made a clever quip prior to Wednesday’s Republican debate. But as it turns out, her little shot at Democrats was an incredible self-own.Before the festivities began, Ingraham remarked the Democrats’ party platform consists of “pot, porn, [and] Planned Parenthood.” If that’s the case, sign us up!Ingraham: Ok, here’s what the Democrats’ platform is, ready? Pot, porn, Planned Parenthood’d wear the t-shirtNarrator: That isn’t the Democrats platform, but if it were, I’d be behind it.Don’t threaten me with a good country!Yes I love it when they threaten us with a good cannot be overestimated how lucky democrats are that republicans are this out of touch with americans lol all seriousness, those three pillars–marijuana legalization, access to pornographic and pro-choice policies–are all very popular among the American people.

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